I Went to Oz Comic-Con and it Sucked Balls (Photos)

This weekend I decided to go to my first Comic-Con, I have never been a huge comic book fan, I did used to read The Beano and I also used to borrow graphic novels from the library which I enjoyed but never once did I buy a Spider-Man/Batman/Superman comic when I was a kid, of course I watched the animated shows but I never fully understood the American style fandom of comics you often saw the nerds being depicted as in 90s sitcoms. I definitely wasn’t alone in this either, growing up in the UK I can’t remember any kids reading superhero comics, if they did they kept it secret (which the English nerds of today will probably lead you to believe).

I figured it was time to take the plunge and try to get into comics, what better way than to go to a convention specifically for comic book fans? I’m not the kind of guy to dip my toe in the water to test the temperature. When purchasing my ticket online for $30 (Just over an hours wage, so pretty cheap) I was given the option to meet the only actual celebrity at the event, Orlando Bloom for $500 (William Shatner doesn’t count because he practically lives at Comic-Con these days, I doubt he even has a home to go to) and I boldly declined the bargain of a lifetime because I’m an idiot.  Upon arrival, it was obvious that this event wasn’t going to be anywhere near the scale I expected in that the convention hall was being shared with the “Brisbane Fitness & Health Expo” which is beautifully ironic.
When I first walked in to the correct entrance it was immediately apparent that this was small-scale, there were a number of stalls right near the entrance with genuine artists selling prints of their work, some of them were really fucking good. But the surrounding area smelled strongly of body odor so I quickly departed.
Apart from the body odor there was an unexpected scent of attention craving mixed with desperation.
But I was here to admire some comics… and the cos-players obviously.
As was this kid, I know why he came.
 And so does he.
Being in a country where the minimum wage makes the rest of the world embarrassed to even have a minimum wage, the quality of the cos-playing reflected that of the residents disposable-income.
Watching Edward Scissorhands being interviewed by 7 News was pretty lolz, he seemed terrified.
But, he is not a character from a comic, nor were many of the stalls comic-related, I walked around the entire convention and I can confirm that there was literally one stall dedicated to selling comic-books.
It started to become apparent to me that this wasn’t even a comic-convention, this was simply a convention for people who didn’t fit into “Brisbane Fitness & Health Expo 2014”. “Comic-Con” is a misleading title and I strongly suggest that they change the name to “People-Who-Don’t-Like-Sports-Con 2014” or possibly one of the following:
Horror-Film-Con 2014
Bad-Guys-In-Videogames-Con 2014

Banana-Con 2014
Star-Wars-Con 2014

Star-Wars-Con 2014

Star-Wars-Con 2014
T-Shirt-Con 2014
 Irresponsible-Parent-Con 2014 (yes that’s a 5 year old playing Dead Rising 3)
Fabrics & Disney-Statues-Con 2014
Add caption
Miniature-Novelty-Guitars-Con 2014
 Pretty-Drawings-Of-Flowers-and-Skulls-Con 2014
Knock-Off-Black-Milk-Leggings-Con 2014
Look-At-This-Car-I-Made-Con 2014
Spirted-Away-Con 2014
Mario-Con 2014
I-Watch-You-Whilst-You-Sleep-Con 2014
Are-We-In-The-Right-Place?-Con 2014
Beating-The-Crap-Out-of-Teenage-Girls-Con 2014
He was obviously from Health-and-Nipples-Con 2014 from next door but came over to show how hard he could hit girls dressed in hero costumes, turns out that he can hit them pretty hard. What a guy.
Holy shit, Batman, that’s Batman! He’s actually from a comic right? COMIC-CON 2014 BITCHES!
I managed to find the solitary stall that sold comics ($2 each for every comic) and I picked these three up simply because the artwork on the front was epic and that the first three issues were available.
If I ever end up in the states and there’s a Comic-Con on I will attend and try to get into comics, but outside of the states, Comic-Con shouldn’t exist because true comic fandom is evidently a purely ‘merican thing.
Movies and Video Games are not Comics.

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