Our live-in landlord sent me an email

If you follow me on Facebook you may remember this status about my weird new landlord of the house share that I am in:

Turns out that he did get a bit weird. Fortunately I still have my liver intact. When we first moved in he said to us “Mark an X next to your names when you clean the entire house, only clean the entire house when you feel that it is dirty.” Fair enough, no biggie. The problem was, that somebody would always clean the house, for the past 5 weeks the house has been spotless.

The other day Donna and I went to West-End to go to a concert, stupidly I forgot my passport and even more stupidly the venue wouldn’t allow you entry unless you had a valid ID (Apparently under 18s aren’t allowed to listen to music? Why not ID at the bar?) so we jumped in a taxi, I ran into the house, grabbed my passport and ran back out, there was a taxi waiting after all.

Five minutes after I left I received the below email:

To:Danny & Donna
From: Serkan

Hi Donna & Danny ;

l am so sorry for this email but l have to remind you specially Danny couple of things at home ;

Just 5 minutes ago Danny came to home for a toilet l am guessing ; l saw couple of things , l have to tell you guys

  1. Danny you did not take your shoes off , sorry even for 5 minutes you have to take your shoes off whenever you enter home , l am cleaning this house every week more then other people , they suppose to do cleaning but l never say anything for that , at least people in the has to keep the house clean so no walking with shoes at home .
  2. However you didn’t lock the door tonight (NOW)  l locked it after you , please make sure you lock the door always for our safety.
  3. Please close the  main house door and the door the outside the first one close  gently specially early in the morning  and late night because you know Japanese girl room close to the doors,  not just you also sometimes other people hit the door instead of closing gently.
  4. I will be really appreciated if you can change the rubbish bin and through them out sometimes, to be fair everyone , put cross (X) in front of your names.
  5. Please clean the house at least every 4, 5 weeks one time, and put cross (X) in front of your name , when you can , you thing time to clean house.

This is your own house , please feel like that  then we will enjoy living together .

Please do not get misunderstand my email l am just try to keep our home safe, clean and better place to live all together , you just move in l need to remind you these things to prevent problems between us in the future.

Overall l am quite happy with everything and  living with you guys .

Thanks for understanding .

Have a nice night .



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