I’m In Australia and All I Can Think About Is UKIP

I thought that my first post would be a picture of Kangaroo road kill or a quirky review of Vegemite, but since buying a laptop out here today, the only thing I can think about is UKIP.

This man may have flipped the switch for me, he is the epitome of the mindset in Britain, everybody has less money, people are struggling to put food on the table, the health care system is down the pan, education is ran by a man who plans to remove Of Mice and Men and To Kill A Mockingbird from British schools and the Daily Mail is the most read newspaper in the entire fucking world.

Meanwhile the rich in Britain double their wealth (I hope you enjoy the ironic link). If the majority of Britain’s suddenly far right supporting hoards could do the simplest of math, I would be in bed sleeping right now. If you have nothing of something, it’s probably in the hands of the guy who has all of that shit that looks like what you had.

The guys who don’t have all of your money are those that have even less than you do.

In Australia, the amount of small business all over the place really fucking shocked me, I am so used to big business monopolizing everything that I couldn’t even imagine a place where small business owners could thrive outside of much poorer countries where big business don’t consider the investment worth it.

Here in Oz I am surrounded by little businesses and it’s glorious, each shop owner knows everything about his stock and cares about your needs, because why the fuck wouldn’t he?

I’m not going to milk this post, I’m keeping it simple, it’s so fucking simple that it’s giving me a headache. THE GUYS WITH NO MONEY, ARE NOT THE ONES MAKING YOU POOR. THE ONES WITH THE HUGE FUCKING POOLS OF WATER ARE WHY YOU ARE THIRSTY.

Fuck big business, fuck billionaires, fuck racists, fuck the far right and fuck you idiots for being so fucking blind.


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